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“What is dyeing?”
Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products by combining them with dyes.

For dyeing, we own the top dyeing machines in every category.
We are able to support small-lot and multi-product production. Delivering high-quality products within short time frames is our specialty.

Dye type

Direct dye
Disperse dye
Acid dye
Containing dye

Dyeing method

Continuous staining
Hot Flu Staining Coloring

Batch dyeing
Immersion method
(High pressure and atmospheric pressure liquid dyeing, Jigger stain)

Dyeing machine

Continuous dyeing machine(Hot Flu)
High pressure liquid dyeing machine
Normal pressure liquid dyeing machine

Finish machining
Value is added to products using chemicals and processing agents.
Water-repellent processing: Repels water and prevents liquids from causing stains
Deodorizing and antibacterial processing: Suppresses the growth of molds and germs and prevents odors from being generated
Flexibility processing: Imparts softness and flexibility
Singeing: Burns unwanted fluff off of the surface of the fabric, giving the surface a smoother texture
Hard finishing: Assists bags, shoes, tents etc. in holding their forms
Processing content list

Industrial materials

Tire liner Release、Washing

Household goods

Artificial leather staining , Post processing

Clothing supplies

Artificial leather staining, Post processing, Water-repellent etc…
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  • dipping
  • scouring
  • dyeing
  • bonding
  • coating
  • ecocycle