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“What is weaving?”
Weaving is the process of criss-crossing warp (lengthwise) and weft (transverse) yarns in accordance with a defined pattern to turn them into fabric.


With the use of a wide variety of materials, including both natural and synthetic fibers, as well as our special weaving technology, we have created products for many different fields. These range from industrial materials such as tire reinforcement fabrics of all kinds, to base fabrics for medical-grade compresses.
We also respond to our clients’ needs with respect to product enhancement, weaving functional textiles with features including heat resistance, conduction, high strength, odor resistance, and antibacterial performance.
  • yarn

    Natural ・・・ cotton, hemp, silk
    Synthetic fiber ・・・ polyester, Nylon, Vinylon, Rayon, polyamide, Olefin
    Synthetic fiber ・・・ polyester, Nylon, Vinylon, Rayon, polyamide, Olefin
    Synthetic fiber ・・・ Rayon
  • 糸の選定
  • Twist

    Z撚り(左撚り)Z Twist(Left twist)
    S撚り(右撚り)S Twist(Right twist)

  • 撚り
  • Warping

    Preparation of warp
    Rewinding of warp
    Beam warping
    Partial warping
  • 整径
  • Weaving

    Main looms
    Air jet
    Main weaving organization
    Plain weave
    Straight warp
  • 整織

Processing content list
Industrial materials Industrial material tire reinforcement material, belt conveyor reinforcement material, civil engineering material, flooring base fabric, rubber caterpillar base fabric
Medical supplies Base cloth for poultice
  • weaving
  • dipping
  • scouring
  • dyeing
  • bonding
  • coating
  • ecocycle