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  • November 1947Started operations as “Nishinippon Boshoku Co., Ltd.”
  • May 1948Changed company name to “Nishinippon Boseki Co., Ltd.”
  • April 1952The dyeing sector of Nishinippon Boseki’s Araki Plant was spun off into “Kyushu Senko Co., Ltd.”
  • August 1959Kyushu Senko absorbed Nishinippon Boseki’s Araki Plant and made a new start as “Nippon Senikako Co., Ltd.”
  • January 1960Absorbed Fukuoka Shokufu Co., Ltd. to expand its business scale.
  • December 1961Set up the Tokyo Plant.
  • September 1963Opened the Tokyo Sales Division (now Tokyo office)to extend marketing network to the Kanto region.
  • June 1967Opened the Hikone Office (currently Hikone Plant) to make inroads into the Kansai region.
  • March 1978Closed the Tokyo Plant and relocated major facilities to the Hikone Plant.
  • August 1978Opened the Osaka Representative Office to function as the Kansai region marketing base.

  • July 1989Changed company name to “Pyramid Co., Ltd.”
  • March 1996Tochigi Plant established. Started organic fertilizer manufacturing business
  • September 2001Relocation of Tokyo Sales Office
  • October 2001Operate the Fukuoka Plant. Began film/laminate business
  • November 2003Relocation of Osaka Sales Office
  • March 2007Transfer of Fukuoka factory
  • August 2010Osaka sales office closed
  • July 2014Established Thai plant(Thai PYRAMID Industrial Co., Ltd.)
  • January 2019Relocation of Tokyo Sales Office(current address)