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Introduction to Organic Fertilizer

Eco Compost Features

Easy to use and versatile
  • Organic fertilizer has always been produced by natural fermentation.
  • Its advanced maturity means it can be used with no problem not only with leafy vegetables and fruits but also with root crops.
  • Quality is strictly controlled during production, including the temperature and period of fermentation.

Safe and hygienic

  • Raw materials used are organic and are carefully selected to be high in quality (100% made in Japan).
  • High-temperature treatment during the fermentation process provides multiple sterilizations.

Contributing to the 3R effort

We recycle organic residue and vegetable matter generated by facilities such as public sewage centers and food manufacturers and turn them into organic fertilizer.
In addition, the use of this fertilizer contributes to the utilization of recycled resources, saving on resource usage.

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