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Ecocycle business summary



System that recycle to Economic Cycle thinking
We will contribute to building a sustainable society and conserving the global environment by harnessing the coexistence of people and nature through effective use of limited earth resources

Tochigi factory outline

4-35 Yoshii, Nakagawa-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 324 0505
Site area:25,565m²
Treatment capacity:200t/day (fertilizer production volume 60 t / day)
March 1996 Acquisition of industrial waste disposal business permission
April 1996 Started in
July 1996 Notification of Governor Tochigi prefecture as a special fertilizer
October 2000 Registration of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as an ordinary fertilizer
June 2002 “large scale deodorizing equipment” completion
May 2004 Acquisition of construction technology examination certificate (Construction Procedure: No. 2601)
January 2005 ISO 9001 certification acquired (registration number JMAQA – 1472)
August 2008 – October 2009 Large scale renovation work” implemented
January 2009 Acquired ISO 14001 certification (registration number JMAQA – E 767)
March 2011 earthquake disaster caused factory damage
March 2012 earthquake recovery work completion completed
“Auditor of the National Soil Improvement Materials Council”
Director of NPO “Japan Eco-Cycle Soil Association”
Secretary of “Japan Compost Network”
(Good) Member of the Japan Environment Association “Green Purchasing Network