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In accordance with the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society”, the company develops the following activities related to the environment and quality throughout the entire company.

Initiatives for the Environment

Environmental Ideals

As inhabitants on this Earth, we make efforts to reduce the environmental burden of our business activities for the future of the planet, participate proactively in social activities for the environment, and strive for global environmental conservation.

Environmental Policies
Our company implements an environmental management system to mitigate the environmental burden of our business operations and contributes to society as an environmentally considerate business in the course of providing worthwhile products and services to our customers.
  1. 1.Our company strives to emphasize the reduction of environmental burden in its business activities through the promotion of energy and resource conservation, reduction of industrial waste, and encouragement of recycling.
  2. 2.Our company has established an environmental management system, promoted its use, and implemented continuous improvements to it to work towards reduction of environmental burden. This also leads to the prevention of pollution.
  3. 3.To accomplish these environmental policies, we have established environmental objectives and benchmarks, implemented them, evaluate them, and periodically review them.
  4. 4.While complying as a matter of course with laws, regulations, agreements, and other requirements to which this company has agreed pertaining to the environment, we also proactively engage in independent environmental conservation activities.
  5. 5.Our company promotes education and awareness campaigns for all employees to work thoroughly towards consciousness-raising regarding environmental conservation.
  6. 6.These environmental policies are common knowledge among all employees of this company and are also accessible outside of this company and available to the general public.

March 15,2018
Pyramid Co.,Ltd. Representative PresidentTatsuya Kashiwabara

・We engage in recycling and reduction of environmental waste by implementing a sorting program for our waste products.
・While complying with legal regulations pertaining to the environment and pollution, we also proactively engage in exchange and information sharing with local inhabitants regarding environmental issues.
・As one link in our contribution to local communities, we engage in volunteer activities such as the collection of pull-tabs and bellmarks as well as the Eco Cap campaign.

Initiatives for Quality

Quality Policies
Our company earns trust by satisfying customers with the value we offer.
To do so, we utilize a quality management system and, through continuous improvement of the efficacy of this system and compliance with requirements, we offer products and services with a superb reputation among our customers and in society.
  1. 1.We set annual, company-wide quality benchmarks based on our quality policies.
  2. 2.All departments are instructed to create and develop annual quality benchmarks via the ISO management supervisor.
  3. 3.We display posters and are diligent in instruction so that all employees work consistently towards the implementation of quality policies and achievement of quality benchmarks.
  4. 4.We appoint an ISO management supervisor and give this supervisor the authority to enforce, maintain, and improve the quality management system.
  5. 5.At the end of each year, we review quality policies and company-wide quality benchmarks for their continued appropriateness.

March 15,2018
Pyramid Co.,Ltd. Representative PresidentTatsuya Kashiwabara

We take efforts towards the achievement of quality benchmarks on a pyramid by establishing the above quality policies, by implementing quality management based on ISO 9001 standards, and by continuously improving said quality management.
Guidelines for Action
  1. 1.Regardless of the circumstances, safety and quality are always the highest priority.
  2. 2.Work should be constantly performed with the standpoint of customers in mind and to earn the trust of customers.
  3. 3.Basic behaviors should be reinforced. (Organization, tidiness, cleanliness, discipline, courteous greetings, reporting, communication, consultation.)
  4. 4.Workers should always challenge themselves to meet new objectives.